Cancellation & Migration Policies

Confirmation of our policies should you need to cancel or migrate away

Cancellation & Migration Procedure

In order to cancel existing services, you must have permission over the service. By default, permission is granted to:

Broadband services must be ceased via our Control Panel, where any charges applicable will be displayed and confirmed to you. Hosting services can be ceased via email to support@cix.uk, which must contain the following information:

We will reply to the email to confirm your cancellation. All hosting services can be cancelled with immediate effect. Broadband services can take up to 10 days to cease which may bring you into your next month's subscription which will need to be paid prior to the cease taking effect.

Broadband Migration and Cancellation

Customers and resellers can cancel their broadband and line rental services at any time in the Control Panel, which will confirm any cease charges applicable to their service. In addition, all services are billed on a minimum monthly contract, and we are unable to refund any services that are ceased or migrated away part way through their billing contract. If a service is still in contract, you will be prompted to pay off the remaining fees owed on that connection; details of which will be presented in the Control Panel.

For migrations, should a customer migrate away, we will do our best to alert you of the impending cease / migration, and confirm any breakout of contract charges to you. However, we do not refund services that migrate part way through their billing period for any unused period of time.