Domain Transfer Procedures

Transferring domain names into CIX is easy


Transfer Domains to CIX

Instructions for transferring domains to us

Below is a guide to transferring some of the more common domain name extensions to CIX. The guide assumes you have already purchased a hosting account from us, and have access to the master control panel we issue you with in our welcome emails. Our staff will be able to provide assistance over the phone or via email should you have any specific queries. Domain transfers shouldn't be hard, and we will help make it as easy and simple as we possibly can.

This may seem a daunting task, but it shouldn't be! If you need any help or assistance with transferring domains to CIX, we're a phone call or email away to assist you.


The following tutorial applies to top level gTLD domains extensions such as .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz.

There are three key areas to transferring one of these domains to ourselves which need to be addressed before moving to the next step:


It is imperative that the domain is in an unlocked state. If the domain name isn't, then it doesn't stand a chance of being able to move away. The losing host will be able to make this change instantly, and it should be done for free. A separate help guide explains locks in more detail if required.


The admin contact can be found within the WHOIS. It is the admin contact who will receive an email sent from our registry confirming if the domain name should be moved. It is important that the address is valid and, preferably, it is not set as the losing host as they can delay matters. Further details on what the admin contact needs to do are explained below.


We don't need to see this, but the admin contact will need it when they receive the email our registry sends them. This authorisation code is supplied by the losing host and is specific to this domain. A separate help guide explains authorisation codes in more detail if required.


Once the domain is unlocked, you are confident that the admin email address showing in the WHOIS is valid, and you have a domain authorisation code, you then now need to login to your control panel and visit the domains section.

a) The domain name must be added to the master control panel as an existing domain.

b) Once added, visit the domains list and click on manage beside the domain.

c) A link will be provided to initiate the transfer.

d) Complete all the form fields. The details you enter will form the basis of the WHOIS once transferred.

e) A summary of the details will be presented, plus confirmation of the transfer fee. The fee is applicable as the domain renews for a further year as per ICANN rules.

f) Once submitted, an email will be issued to the admin contact of the domain name.


The admin contact will receive an email from InterDNS / OpenSRS. Provided will be:

- A link to an OpenSRS transfer website
- Confirmation of the domain
- Confirmation of an OpenSRS key

Once logged in, the admin contact will need to:

- Tick the box to ACCEPT the transfer to InterDNS / CIX
- Enter the authorisation (EPP) code they have been issued by their losing host


The next step is a case of waiting. Domain transfer waiting times can vary depending on the losing registry. They can either complete in hours or up to 7 days. There isn't anything we can do to speed up this process. Once complete, our control panel will issue you an email confirming a successful transfer.

NOTE: The name servers for the domain name will not have been altered. You can change the name servers through the control panel. Click on 'manage' beside the domain in the domains list, and a new set of options will be presented, including managing the name servers.

Transferring a .uk domain, such as a .co.uk, can be very simple. These types of domain names are governed by a company called Nominet (www.nic.uk), and they have around 3000 registrars, such as CIX, who can sell and administer these domains. The registrar is shown within the whois of the domain with a corresponding Tag (sometimes referred to as the IPS Tag).

The losing tag holder must change the associated tag to the new company to move from one tag holder to another,. For example, if you wanted to transfer your domain from XYZ Domains Limited (Tag: XYZ) to CIX, you would contact XYZ Domains Limited and ask them to change the IPS Tag to CIX's Tag, which is ICUK. Some providers will supply you with a control panel allowing you to complete this yourself in a fully automated manner, but not all will. There should be no charges applied for making this change for you. Once submitted, the tag change should be instant.



Before you embark on transferring .uk domains by changing the tag it is imperative that you add the domain name to our control panels IN ADVANCE. By doing so, when the Tag changes, our systems will know who owns that domain name. Our systems are able ensure the correct renewal status is applied including the renewal date.

Once the tag has changed you will receive an email from us confirming that the domain has moved. It is your responsibility to ensure that the name servers are updated. Unless you changed them prior to changing the tag, the name servers will remain as they were.

Some domain names, such a .com, will have a lock associated with them. This lock was another obstacle designed to ensure that .com domains could not be easily moved away or edited without prior consent. You can see the status of a domain name in the whois. Look out for:


Status: ok


Status: clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited

To transfer a domain name away from another provider or make changes to the whois or name servers, the lock must be removed.

The EPP key (Authorisation code) is one of the safeguards against unauthorised transfers of domain name registrations, and it protects your rights as a domain owner. The EPP key is required when transferring .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info domain names. It is not possible to initiate a domain name transfer for these domains without an EPP code.

Who needs the authorisation code?

It is the administrative contact who needs the authorisation code. The admin contact email address is the recipient of the domain transfer request our registry sends. They need to read the email and follow the instructions. Once followed, they will be taken to a website page requiring them to:

a) Accept the transfer request
b) Enter the authorisation code
c) Enter a contact telephone number

How do I generate an authorisation code to move a domain name away from CIX?

You can generate an authorisation code in seconds through the control panel. Visit the domains section and click on manage beside the domain in question. You will be presented with several options, one of which will be for an authorisation code if the domain extension supports this (e.g. you won't find it associated to a .co.uk domain).